Seller: Oliver
State: California
City: Los Angeles
Zip code: 90025
Type: Animals

I?m looking for a Dalmatian (F) puppy as a pet. I?m based in Los Angeles, California.
My own dal, Lucky (F), passed last October after a good 15 years of life. Pic attached
I?m looking for a new friend to spend a new chapter of my life with. I know the time and energy involved with this breed and am fully committed to it as I live a very active lifestyle.
I appreciate any referrals you can provide or if you can forward my contact information to any breeders you may know.
I?d prefer a black spotted female dog if possible as that is what I am used to. I?m not in a rush, so if it is a future litter, please keep me in mind. I like good defined spotting and not overly speckled.
310-709- cell